November 20, 2013

The facts about me My full name is Silvia Mayeli Guzmán de...

The facts about me

My full name is Silvia Mayeli Guzmán de Urteaga

I was born on July 15

I am a Mexican American citizen and this makes me feel dual citizen

My star sign is the moon

My parents are Silvia and Isidro

I have 2 siblings

I currently work at WAIS

What I like about my job is the students

What I dislike about my job is not having a Starbucks

I am saving up for a trip because I want to go to Europe

My home is in Katy and I have lived here for 7 years

My friends are everyone

I love people who are funny

My favorite activity is dancing and I love to do this because is fun

My favorite color is red because it reminds me of love

I love to say thank you and my most over-used saying is probably

My favorite meal involves chicken and my favorite snack food is fries

I consider myself to be healthy and fitness is important to me. This is due to factors such as obesity

The best time of the day to me is at night because insomnia

I like sunsets the most

I need to have coffee every day

I hope to hear Ricky Martin

I am frightened by cockroaches

I respect my mom because she is the greatest

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