May 17, 2013


I decided to take a walk. 

I have many reasons to be happy right now. I have a healthy daughter, an awesome grandmother and I can walk. I felt the urge to make a change in my routine and took the family for a walk. 

We live in a neighborhood that has a retention pond behind the houses. Wanting to explore, I took my grandmother, my daughter, turned on my tracking device and open the door to the outdoors. 

We walked to the next street, took the path next to a house that is covered with overgrown grass. And yes, it was actually nice to walk. 

We walk the first full circle, and I was more intrigued by the houses around the area. I was comparing them to ours, and what is their benefit for being so close. 
I was thinking, if I lived here. I would have no excuse to walk every day. 

For a moment there, my daughter had more energy than me. I was pacing myself to make sure I was able to survive a second walk around the circle. At this time, my tracking device only marked half of a mile, and I did not want to believe that we had only walked so little and I was already out of breath. 

I made myself run walk another full turn, and it made me feel great. I still think that if I put my mind in to it, I could easily pick up my pace.. yes, don't get any crazy thoughts. My pace of at least 14 mins a mile, I could walk 3 miles everyday and try to get back in shape like I was just a few years ago. 

How times flies and pounds add up. For now, I will try everyday to make myself take a walk and motivate to soon enough make it to the gym and work out. 

That's me for now, with my grandmother that is the best grandmother ever!